Why Enzi?


Hey we get it! We know it’s super confusing when trying to choose which Wedding videographers in Kenya to hire for this once in a lifetime day. Our style is photo journalistic which means we are non-directorial and more observant and unobtrusive. Our main focus is to document your day as it authentically happens vs. direct the action to get a different angle, etc. We want you to remember your day… not us directing you!

We can tell you without hesitation, that our pricing is based on the absolute incredible amount of high-end gear (and back-ups), the incredible talent of our staff, and the amount of hours (double most studios) of labor it takes to edit a film made just for you


How then do you know if we are the right fit
If YOU are planning a wedding built around your love for one another and are excited to celebrate with your friends and family over everything else. Whether your wedding is in a luxury ballroom, beautiful small Garden or on the beach…what matters most is the people present and the experiece you will hold dear for a lifetime, then you may be a perfect fit for the Enzi Weddings style.

I have been typing this message for one week,just trying to find the words to say thank you. You poured your hearts into our videos and we felt it. Thank you for working with us and bringing our vision to life. May God continue to bless the work of your hands and may your work

Chebet & Alvin
Chebet & Alvin
Bride & Groom

Enzi have showcased their phenomenal work by putting together our brilliant wedding videos. I loved the way they have incorporated our guest speeches with the video. They have captured all the highlights in the best way possible. Loved the little snippets of words of wisdom from our family and friends. Watched the videos more than 10 times already and I just received them yesterday. Good job team!! I would highly recommend Enzi

Shrina Shah
Shrina Shah